Copper Artwork for your home or office that is crafted in the U.S.A.


Copper Sculptures and Mobiles

At sculpturemobiles, we are extremely proud of our artwork. We are confident that the copper sculptures will be greatly admired and appreciated as they enhance any room; and they make fantastic gifts for any nature or pet lover.

These enduring sculptures will provide years of pleasure. We offer quality sculptures at very fair prices. Affordable for any budget.

Each copper sculpture is exquisitely detailed via a water jet cutter. They are than surface treated to create a microscopic multifaceted smooth finish. By carefully heating each copper sculpture over an open flame, colorization and patterns are created that are unique to each piece.

The copper wall sculptures are intended for interior or exterior display. When our sculptures are exposed to the elements, acid rain in particular, the copper will ultimately develop a beautiful patina. These green sculptures have the potential to become heirlooms!

Brighten Your World

Light only enhances their beauty, bouncing off the copper at different angles to create an alluring, captivating and delightful image for the eyes. When light strikes the sculptures from the sun or interior light, a dazzling light show is created. They seemingly change color and appear three dimensional. Each sculpture is coated with a clear protective finish and hand signed and dated by the artist.

Lighten up your mood! Brighten up a dull, boring space in your home, landscape or office. These sculptures can transform any area into a magical, whimsical, humorous and sometimes inspirational space. You can dance with the fairies, prance with the cats, fly with the pigs and butterflies, leap with the frogs, ride with the horses, swim with the fish and turtles, soar with the hawks and even bloom with the flowers or just decorate for the seasons and holidays. Let your imagination run wild. These unique copper sculptures are truly mesmerizing. Enhance your home or office with any of these delightful heat treated copper sculptures!